Ice Tea “Lactima Balkan”
peach flavor

The ice tea has become a favorite drink because of its qualities – refreshes, cools, contains antioxidants and has a nice subtle flavor. Especially during the summer at the beach, after workouts and sports, or the busy days the ice tea is the preferred choice of many people as a better option than soft drinks. We launched ice tea without sugar with two flavors – lemon and peach. The new entry in our portfolio is ice tea with green tea extract and the limited edition green tea with mint &lemon flavor.

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Ice tea peach flavor

  • nutrition facts per 100g:
  • energy 3kcal/13kJ
  • fat 0g, saturated 0g
  • protein <0,1g carbonhydrates <0,1g,
  • fibers <0,1g
  • sodium <0,1g