Yogurt  “Lactima Balkan”

Most real taste!

The unique taste of the Bulgarian yogurt as its healthy qualities are due to the impact of the bacteria “Lactobacillus Bulgaricum”. This very special bacteria is only found in our geographical region and it is considered as one of the best helpers for the immune system, regulating the human digestive system and the prevention of many diseases. Even though it was known for ages it was during his research in the Pasteur institute, that Mr. Stamen Grigorov has found and named the bacteria, understanding that it is responsible for the creation of the Bulgarian yogurt.

Our yogurt meets all requirements set by the Bulgarian State standard outlining the traditional Bulgarian yogurt.  Besides traditionally offered yogurt in cups, we are the first company in Bulgaria that offers an entirely new product – yogurt in bottle. We also offer yogurt for salads.


- We care for you-

Lactima Balkan is a Bulgarian dairy producing company that has over 50 years of experience. The production facilities are situated in the city of Veliko Turnovo. Surrounded by nature and inspired by it, we have a proud tradition in producing natural dairy products. Lactima is an established company, well known for its high quality products and the positive approach to innovations.

Lactima Balkan guaranties for the high quality of its products, not only based on the constantly increasing number of satisfied customers, but also with a variate of international certificates. The IFS, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 are internationally acknowledged standards, that guarantee the consistent quality of the products and the production process itself. Lactima Balkan has also a Bio certificate, confirming that our production corresponds with the standards for organic product’s manufacturing.